President Lou-Elena Bouey (l.bouey1@arts.ac.uk)

Vice-President Jessica White (j.white0320161@arts.ac.uk)

Coordinator Yanice Begar (y.begar0420161@arts.ac.uk)

Secretary Holly Le-Var (h.le-var0320161@arts.ac.uk)

Treasurer Miroslav Radu (m.radu0320161@arts.ac.uk) 

Social Media Yibeija Li (y.li152@arts.ac.uk) & Jerry Florez (j.florezvasquez0920161@arts.ac.uk)


The AS is a society that was created by students from the BA(Hons)
As the architecture society, our aim is to create a space for everyone to bond, explore our field of studies, navigate a little more easily through our BA and make sure that we get the maximum out of our 3 years here. Because the architecture department is increasing every year, it’s important for us that the society matches its growth and offers a lot of opportunities for the students


Enrich the life of the architecture department

Support the current students through their studies

Help widen the reach of the BA

Create a legacy 


So, what do we do? We organize weekly or bi weekly events: exhibitions, pub crawls, bookclub sessions, lectures, debates, fundraisers ... And want to make sure that Stage 1 students can breathe a little easier during their first year: we’ll organize un-official crits before their real ones to get them to prepare and have some advice before the real thing, and post regular advice on how to navigate through their first year. 

For the entire department, we’ll introduce you to designers and architects to ensure that you get a connection to the real world, through our new series of lectures, Open Studio ; we’ll send you updates of things you should go and see in London to help you throughout your course... We're also maintaining a blog with regular updates on talks, events and potential collaborations in London.

And that’s just a little bit of it!