This year, we are introducing a new mentorship programme, aimed to help new Stage 01 students navigate their first year of BA.

Each Stage 01 student will be assigned 2 mentors, one from Stage 02, and one from Stage 03. Think of it as the classic buddy/parenting system that many other universities have!

What are the goals?

  • Welcome and support Stage 01 students

  • Student led Insight and Support

  • Easing up the anticipation and stress related to crits and presentations

  • Strengthen and encourage inter-stage relationships

  • Create cohesion and support within the department

  • Teaching insights for Stages 02 and 03

Is it mandatory?

Yes - and this is for everyone’s benefit! We don’t want anyone to be left out just because a mentor is feeling lazy or in a bad mood.

We’ve made this simple and easy to ensure that it won’t turn into a burden for the mentors, especially considering the challenges brought by vertical studios and the last year of BA. This is why the minimum required commitment is:

  • A quick tutorial (20min) with your tutee before their crit to help them prepare themselves.

  • Attend your Stage 01s crits (review, critique, and note)

Only one mentor out of the two is required for each of these. You may split tasks and decide on whichever you want to attend depending on availabilities and workloads.

This thus halves each mentor’s minimum commitment.

Presence and commitment will be monitored by the department. Absence or lateness will be noticed and raised to Alex Warnock Smith if necessary.

The tutee (stage 01) and mentor(s) will be required to sign a presence sheet at the defined meetings.

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What if my mentors and I don’t get on well?

We know not everyone can get along. This is why we’ve implemented a ‘trial period’ of 1 month for everyone to meet, get to know each other, and see if there’s a good flow. After the Stage 01s second crit, you will have a couple days window to notify us of any issues or complaints. If it’s nothing that can be solved, we’ll switch you up with someone else!