and change the life of the department!


President Lou-Elena Bouey (

Vice-President Jessica White (

Coordinator Yanice Begar ( & Laurene Lucy (

Secretary Holly Le-Var (

Treasurer Miroslav Radu ( 

Social Media Lawrence Del Rosario ( & Jerry Florez (


Depending on the year, the amount of applications and the number of events that you may want to pull off, some of these roles may disappear; and some new ones can be created!

Roles are not set in stone and the responsibilities that come with them aren’t either. It’s up to your new president and the rest of the team to see and decide who takes on what!

If you’re not sure and have more questions; grab us and ask away! or drop us a message in the ask box at the bottom of the page.

Responsibility: the president of the society is the face of the society and more often than not, the one to take on public events, etc. They directly connect the department, admin, AS:CSM team and members together. They are in charge of the team and responsible for not only the smooth run of the society, but also the creation of new events, etc. They need to constantly check in that not only everyone in the team and society members are content and thriving, but also be open to new opportunities, events and suggestions. This may mean that they will find you’ve done things in a way that wasn’t the most efficient, or need to change the way of doing things: they ought to be open and flexible!

Handy qualities: team worker, self initiative, flexibility, public speaking, eagerness, networking, liaison, clear leadership, delegation abilities, ability to cope with pressure, deadlines and multitasking

Vice President
Responsibility: the vice president are the right hand of the president and are essential to ensure that tasks are being delegated to the rest of the team and the workload is split evenly. They are also in charge of taking on anything that the president may not be able to attend/do/create. They may also be in charge of the running of the society website, and help on things such as events creation, coordination, networking, etc.

Handy qualities: team worker, communication, self initiative, ability to cope with pressure, deadlines and multitasking

Responsibility: the coordinator is a key element of the team as they ensure of the smooth run of programmes and new events. They may take initiatives and pitch and take on activities, such as collaborations, open studio lectures, etc. They are in charge of such programmes and lead them independently, with the approval of the team and president/vice president.

Handy qualities: team worker, self initiative, organisation, assertive, networking abilities, creativity, organisation

Responsibility: the secretary is a key member of the team as they are the ones that ensure things are not only being done, but also that they are viable, coordinated and secured. The secretary is in charge of memberships, newsletters, and potentially blog posts; they also help secure bookings for rooms and handle sign ups etc.

Handy qualities: team worker, organisation, initiative, drive, honesty, time management skills, ease with emails and communication

Responsibility: the treasurer is essential to ensure the viability of the society. They are in charge of membership fees, events payments, liaisons with the student unions, and filing refund documents to the SU in order go put the budget to a positive balance and ensure that no team member is left having spent money out of their own pocket.

Handy qualities: organisation, assertive, methodology, capable of handling figures and cash, good communication, professionalism

Social Media
Responsibility: head(s) of social media are one of the most important elements of the team! They are the ones in charge of all social media accounts, creating banners, images, adverts and promoting all the events of the society. They’re the real life interaction between the members and the team. They are also documenting all AS:CSM events, taking photographs, boomerangs, etc, publishing it on Instagram and the website.

Handy qualities: social media knowledge, creativity, photoshop, photography


This year, we are opening applications to both STAGE 01 and STAGE 02 students! We believe that the department and society thrive best when inter stages interactions are encouraged and that Stage 01’s creativity is essential to the improvement of the team.

STAGE 03s may apply for positions; however bear in mind that this year is crucial for your degree and you shouldn’t overdo it!

please note The only position that is not open to Stage 01 applicants is the role of president. This is because the role demands not only established relationships with the department and staff members, but also a good understanding of the university, work load management and course run!


Applications will open on the 1st of November. Please click HERE TO APPLY.

Applications close on the 10th of November.

Positions and handover is announced and celebrated on the 15th of November.

We will circulate an email address and a bunch of questions to reply to (previous experiences, motivation, ideas…)! It will be very easy and just take about 10 minutes to write.

You may apply for more than one position. Know that we might give you a different role than the one you asked for if we believe you would be a better fit for it; but worry not, we’ll make sure to notify you before.


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